With a Grain of Salt

Happy Wednesday and welcome to my first post!

Writing this blog feels like its been a long time coming. I got the idea last fall that I should start one when I finished school to keep up writing and explore a new creative avenue to reflect on topics that I’m passionate about. So, eight months later, here we are.

It was hard to settle on a title but, A Heart of Glass is what I landed on. In the song War of My Life, John Mayer sings “I’ve got a hammer/  And a heart of glass/ I got to know right now/ Which walls to smash”, which I love and it relates well to what I hope to explore on this blog. I’ll be writing broadly about navigating life, embracing vulnerability, loving people well, taking care of yourself (yay practicing self-care!!) – and a concept I like to refer to as “congruent wellness”. Congruent Wellness is the idea that a holistic approach to health requires a harmonious balance between mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational wellness. Being truly healthy stems from taking care of all aspects of wellness in one’s life.

I love to love people, I once told a friend over coffee that when I grew up I just wanted to write people notes of encouragement and bake people cookies. In my life post-graduation I’m exploring what’s next, and what I know for sure is I want to make the world a brighter place and the best way I know how to do that is making sure I’m taking care of myself so that I can support others wholeheartedly. Being able to welcome vulnerability, build community and explore ideas in a world built of stumbling blocks can be challenging but I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

Finally, I’ll just throw it out there that I’m no expert. I’ll be exploring a range of topics but I have a BA (in Speech Communication and Peace & Conflict Studies) not a PhD so please, take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. I’m planning on posting links to research if I state any hard facts – but my goal here is to stir new ideas, encourage you to think about how best you can take care of yourself and empower you to fiercely love the world around you.

My goal for the month of April was to learn the rap from Calvin Harris’ song Slide, and I didn’t fully achieve that goal. My goal for the month of May was to actually start this blog, I’m hoping it’s a bit more successful.


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