Preemptive Champagne

The other day I bought “preemptive champagne”. Okay, it was sparkling rosé, not champagne, but it’s close enough and within my post-university budget.

Anyway, I bought this champagne and I don’t have an occasion for it. But I believe that I will soon, not because of imminent plans coming up but because I have faith that good things happen even when I don’t see them coming.

To me, preemptive champagne represents hope and optimism for the future. I trust that life is worth celebrating and it’s never a bad idea to have something on hand to celebrate with. It doesn’t have to be champagne – it is just less of a mouthful than “preemptive non-perishable celebratory food items and/ or beverages”.

When Trials aren’t Trivial 

It can be hard to see growth if you’re feeling stuck or if you’re struggling at work or school. To quote the Friends theme song, maybe “it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year”. You might have something big weighing on you or a lot of small things have piled up. Some days are just hard, you fail a midterm, have a disagreement with someone you love, you feel like you’re in a rut where you are, whatever it is for you, we all have hard days.

And that’s okay. It’s okay to have days like that. It’s necessary to face the facts and admit that every day can’t be the best. However, it is important not to live in that mindset.

Getting caught up in difficult seasons and feeling like they’ll last forever is easy but it’s crucial to remember that they won’t. Several studies have found that positive thinking is good for our mental and physical health. In addition, optimistic outlooks help us overcome challenges. Have a grey day, allow yourself to feel the feelings that demand to be felt, but prepare for great days to come. Acquire balloons for a party you haven’t planned, buy celebratory non-perishable food items, make plans for brighter days and trust that they will come.

Plants & Perspective

A hopeful mindset and a keen eye for things to celebrate will make a difference in your life and how you see the world around you. When you operate from a perspective of “looking forward to the things worth celebrating” rather than “there isn’t anything to celebrate right now” you infuse your life with optimism.

Small steps forward eventually get you farther ahead on the road of your life. If you wanted to run 10 kilometres today and you only made it 5 kilometres, then celebrate those 5 because that is still good. Keep a can of champagne (yes that’s a thing) ready for when you finally sign a lease after a drawn-out apartment hunt, buy yourself cupcakes to share with friends after surviving a challenging week, and make a habit of commemorating little things. Life is worth celebrating so don’t be afraid to do it more often.

If you haven’t heard me talk about my plants recently, I’ve become obsessed with my mini indoor garden of succulents and cacti. My bedroom is slowly turning into a green house and I lost count of how many plants I had at 15, but that is beside the point.

Earlier this week my friend and I were exchanging photos of our plants, comparing them against photos we’d taken when we got them a few months ago and marvelling at how much they’d grown. I know, I know, we’re plant moms. I hadn’t realized how big they had gotten, and just like my cacti we often don’t notice how much growth is happening around us. Look carefully at your life to see areas of growth and success you might be overlooking that deserve recognition.

Celebrate good times, come on!

My aunt used to tell me that I should always try to get multiple birthday parties out of each of my birthdays and to celebrate as much as possible. This is why I have instated “birthday eve”. Life is good and we should celebrate more. Stay hopeful and believe that good things are happening in your life. Even if you don’t feel like you have anything to celebrate right now, take a note from Kool & The Gang and go out and buy something to celebrate anyway because you never know when good things are around the corner.

No matter what season of life you find yourself in, I hope this encourages you to look at the world through a more optimistic lens or to think about how you can celebrate life and celebrate more often.


  1. Mary Ellen

    It is safe to say you are one of the most optimistic people I know. Always looking for the best in every person and situation. Love this post. ❤


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