Be Where Your Feet Are

A few weekends ago I traveled across the state of Florida with my roommates so that we could see the sun rise and set over two different oceans in the same day. We woke up to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic and made our way to watch it set in the Gulf off of St. Petersburg.

It was a day that reminded me of how small we are, how big our God is, and that in the moments when we feel like things are out of control we know we don’t need to panic because we don’t need to be in control. The biggest take away I had that day was to be present in each moment and grateful for the things I get to experience. It’s okay if things don’t go as planned. You can’t be in all places at once, you can only be present for what is in front of you.

Sunset At The Pier 

We had been planning to end our day long adventure by watching the sunset from this cool pier, but realized that it was much farther away than we thought. Rather than being upset about missing out on that thing we planned on I reminded myself that it opened the opportunity to experience something else.

We ended up watching the sunset from a beach . I was standing with my toes in the sand, ankle deep in the ocean – I have no complaints.

About 3 hours before the scene I just described, as we were wandering around St. Petersburg, I had a moment of panic realizing that we could see everything the city had to offer. We were only there for a day and there were too many cool things to do. I realized I could either stress about what I was missing out on or I could be grateful for and appreciate the things I was able to see and do.

My Deepest Fear: Missing Out

FOMO is so real, and it’s easy to think the grass is greener in other places. What if the sunset was better somewhere else? Would we have had more fun if we picked a different city to visit? The world has endless opportunities to explore but you can’t do everything. You can’t be everywhere and see everything. All we can do is be present for what we do get to see and be so grateful for it.

I know you might be reading this and thinking “Of course it’s easy to be grateful and present for every moment, you moved to Florida in the middle of a Canadian winter”. And yes – that is true. But I think gratitude and mindfulness are things that can, and should, be practiced in all parts of the world in all seasons of life.

Being here is wonderful, but each of my roommates would agree that the world hasn’t stopped since we arrived and there are things happening back home that each of us are missing. Family events, concerts we would have attended, loved one’s birthdays, time with people we love. It would be easy to miss home and wish for a day to be back there every once in a while – but each day you are where your feet are.

Enough is Enough 

Each day is special. Sometimes you might be far away from the people you love most, or you might wish you were doing something different. But don’t waste the precious moments you have wishing for something else.

It is easy to think if we just have one more thing we will be happy. We will be happy when we finally meet the one, when we get the dream job, when we go on that trip. Sometimes I feel like if I just get one more Aerie swimsuit I will be satisfied. (It’s not true I will always want one more).

Being happy with what you have and feeling like it is enough needs to come first. Where you are is enough. The experiences you have are enough. Being content can be easier in some situations than others, but ultimately if you can’t be grateful for the hard moments I think it’s actually harder to appreciate the good ones.

You are enough. The moment you are in is enough. You don’t need anything else.

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