This is the most impromptu post I’ve written yet, but my dear readers my family is visiting me in Florida this week!! And I haven’t had the time to sit down and write until now, 11:41 pm on the day I usually share a post with you. I was going to just write this week off – but I’ve had something on my mind and on my heart lately so I’m going to see what I write for you in the next 19 minutes. Fingers crossed that it is coherent.

What’s been on my mind? Well, I’m what you might call an over-thinker. I worry. I stress. I make little things much bigger than they need to. But lately I’ve been doing a good job at not doing that. Being in a new place, having totally different experiences out of my comfort-zone is the kind of position you’d think would add to the stress.

But it actually hasn’t.

Whenever I go somewhere like a new city it’s often up in the air if I’ll get to revisit it. And I don’t just mean in this trip, I mean there is no guarantee that I’ll make my way back to Tampa or Miami again. So I make the most of my experiences, and I’ve been trying not to think too hard about it. Get the burger. Get the ice cream. Say yes to trying new things. You only live once (okay I know YOLO is very 2010 but my Canadian heart loves Drake and it’s just really fitting).

I still have my moments when I second guess myself, or I feel indecisive (impulse purchasing tacky souvenirs is my biggest struggle.) But I’ve found if I don’t give myself the chance to second guess myself and go for things before I think too hard about it I’m golden. The more I just say “yes” and try things, or say “no” and give myself permission not to have to try everything (but be at peace with the choice) the less stressed I get.

I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t think at all, but I’ve loved letting myself relax a little more. Going with the flow. Embracing not making plans and learning to love spontaneous adventures. Taking advantage of the moments in front of you and appreciating that if this is your only chance to live that moment you should do your best to make the most of it. Sure, I could give you examples of impromptu trips to Miami or Orlando, but it you don’t need to be in some glamorous tropical city and to make the most of the moments you are living in.

Maybe it is just treating yourself. Maybe it is making the time to do something you love or connecting with someone you love. Maybe your YOLO moment is learning to trust yourself a little more and let go of stress; giving yourself permission to indulge or be imperfect.

Trust me, when you learn to give yourself a break and let go of the little things you over-think about you’ll give yourself so much more time and energy to make the most of your life. And you’ll breathe a little easier.

So remember, you only live once.


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