Waffle House is Loyal

This week’s blog is coming to you from someone I admire very much. She is a fellow TWLOHA inter, has introduced a love of tacos into my life, and loves a good pair of socks. She is so wonderful and needs no further intro, here is Montana:

There are currently 99 Waffle House restaurants in my home state of Texas out of almost 2000 in the entire country. By total area Texas is roughly 268,581 square miles. That is roughly California, Colorado and half of Rhode Island combined. As you can see Waffle House is not a big thing in Texas.

Making my trip by car to live in Florida for 4 months, my best friend and I noticed many Waffle Houses at various exits almost in the exact same spot as the ones before, along I-10 passing through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and then to my final destination, Melbourne, Florida. (I counted, from the start of Louisiana to Melbourne, Florida; there are about 173 Waffle Houses. And I counted under.) My friend said, “You know, Waffle House is loyal. Every time we’ve passed one at an exit they’re always in the same spot, so you know where to look for them.” This got me thinking; metaphorically speaking Waffle House is kind of how friendship should look.

In high school I had my fair share of best friends. I also had been hurt and abandoned by the same best friends. Going into college was a very lonely season in my life. I was trying to figure out whom I was in a new city surrounded by so many people. I was guarding my heart from being hurt again from the people I wanted to care most about. It was very hard for me to find friends my first year at college. I had seen from previous friendships that people walk away when things get tough, so I had set the bar high for friendships and I wasn’t going to settle.

This is solely my opinion on how a healthy friendship should look, and if you’re still with me, congratulations for making it this far! Like your first experience at WH it can’t be forced and you will experience it in due timing, friendships can’t be forced, they need to happen naturally. When you find your person you will know. WH and breakfast food as whole makes most people happy; I also heard from my mom that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Friendship should impact your life and happiness. It should also be an important priority in your life.

As stated earlier WH was always there, in the same spot on the same side of the road at most exits on I-10. WH is also opened 24 hours, 365 days a year. Friends are supportive and they’re always at every exit, to walk with you through the hard stuff. I’ve only been to WH once because like I said; there is not many of them where I live in Texas. WH started in 1955 that means the first couple Waffle Houses are about 63 years old. Some of them might not be in the best shape, but then again sometimes our lives aren’t in the best shape. Friendship is accepting others for who they are regardless of the condition your WH is in. When I went to WH for the first time, I felt a sense of welcome-ness and it felt homey. Be welcoming and secure in your friendships.

The mission statement for WH is “We are not in the food business…we are in the people business.” On WH website it says, “Since day one, each Waffle House restaurant has provided guests with a unique and comfortable dining experience. At every restaurant, the bright “Yellow Sign” greets customers like an old friend.” Joe and Tom, the founders of WH did not envision what WH has become, but they stuck by their concept and their belief in shared ownership. Friendship should not require you to compromise your values.

Friendship should be concrete and not circumstantial. WH does not give away their recipes. (They are “well guarded secrets.”) You should be able to trust your friends with the things you tell them, knowing they will stay between the two of you. Some WH menu items can be greasy and sometimes grease is nasty, but it also doesn’t stop you from digging into the delicious breakfast sitting in front of you. Friendship can look a little gross sometimes, but that shouldn’t stop you from facing fears head on and working through the hard stuff. WH gladly accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. They do not accept checks. A lot of businesses don’t accept checks anymore because they can be written as a “hot check”. A hot check is often referred to as a “bad check” or a “dishonored check” WH is an honest and loyal business, and friendship should be too.


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