Hi! My name is Kaitlyn. I graduated from University of Waterloo in 2017 with a BA in Communication and Conflict Resolution. Since then have found a passion serving others and working for NGOs.

In the two years since I started my blog I have used this platform to write about topicsĀ related to wellness and holistic health. I have often written about how many different aspects of our lives can impact our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational health.

These days I can be found in Washington, DC where I will be spending the next year or two working at the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees office and using this space to share life updates about living in the states, the experience of the volunteer service program I am participating in and lessons I learn along the way.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along on my journey in the last few years, and if you’re new around here wanting to check in on life in DC – welcome! I’m honoured that you wanted to stop by.