I’m a firm believer that seasons of our lives happen for a reason. As the unofficial queen of FOMO I know sometimes it is hard to see other people in “better”, “easier” or more fruitful seasons and wonder why you can’t always live in those seasons too.  Continue reading Seasons

To The Girl Gang of 2018

The last four months have been so special, and the main reason is each of you. Thank you for the late night ice cream, for laughing till we cry, eating raw cookie dough too frequently, for beach days, for opening up and behind real and having those hard conversations for the sake of developing deep, honest relationships. Continue reading To The Girl Gang of 2018

Waffle House is Loyal

This week’s blog is coming to you from someone I admire very much. She is a fellow TWLOHA inter, has introduced a love of tacos into my life, and loves a good pair of socks. She is so wonderful and needs no further intro, here is Montana: There are currently 99 Waffle House restaurants in my home state of Texas out of almost 2000 in the … Continue reading Waffle House is Loyal

Headboard, Footboard, Surfboard

This week I built a new bed frame in my room, which feels a little counter intuitive because I am moving to a different country in five short days. But I got it for free and it’s a cute little thing made of white steel with a decorative footboard and a headboard. So I’m enjoying it for the last week I live at home. Appreciating what you … Continue reading Headboard, Footboard, Surfboard