Speaking Truth

I’ve been thinking about the significance our words can have in our relationships. Especially words of encouragement. I think “speaking truth” looks like sharing truth the someone is loved, and valuable and guides you toward being your best self. Speaking truth into someone’s life is not the same as giving advice. It’s not telling someone what they should do or who they should be or … Continue reading Speaking Truth

Up In The Air : A Guide to Life in Limbo

If you’re feeling lost, stagnant, confused about where you’re going next – this blog is written with you in mind. A really common conversation I’ve been having with people lately is that many of us are in seasons of waiting. A stage of sewing seeds and figuring out our next steps, a period of not really knowing how to answer questions about your future or … Continue reading Up In The Air : A Guide to Life in Limbo

Falling Apart Together

I was riding in the car with my family last weekend and my brother and I were playing around with the idea that commiserating with people is a bit like being “co-miserable”. The act of commiserating with friends when life feels like it is unravelling is a sure way to bond with people. The stressful moments of dress rehearsals when things are going wrong before … Continue reading Falling Apart Together