Things That Feel Like Home

So maybe the biggest difference between a house and a home, is that a home isn’t always a building, sometimes it is the people who make places special to begin with. Continue reading Things That Feel Like Home

Be Where Your Feet Are

We had been planning to end our day long adventure by watching the sunset from this cool pier, but realized that it was much farther away than we thought. Rather than being upset about missing out on that thing we planned on I reminded myself that it opened the opportunity to experience something else. Continue reading Be Where Your Feet Are

From the First Impression to the Last

First impressions can be awkward, we can be nervous meeting for the first time or trying so hard to make a good impression that our personality doesn’t get to shine through. Someone might make a great first impression and a bad second. We could make a terrible first impression and a great fifth. The point is that sometimes it takes longer to get to know people. It takes patience and seeing past differences or bad impressions and a belief that people are good.   Continue reading From the First Impression to the Last

Headboard, Footboard, Surfboard

This week I built a new bed frame in my room, which feels a little counter intuitive because I am moving to a different country in five short days. But I got it for free and it’s a cute little thing made of white steel with a decorative footboard and a headboard. So I’m enjoying it for the last week I live at home. Appreciating what you … Continue reading Headboard, Footboard, Surfboard