All The Lonely People

When we find ourselves feeling lonely it’s not a simple as not having friends around. Loneliness and community might seem like opposites, but we don’t simply choose one or the other, we have a lot of other choices that we come to first. Such as choosing fear of not being accepted or liked over being vulnerable. Or choosing to isolate ourselves from others. It’s smaller, everyday choices that shape what our relationships look like.  Continue reading All The Lonely People

A Heart Of Glass Turns One

If one area is feeling off, it can shake your whole life up quite a bit. Don’t underestimate how taking care of little issues in your life can make a big positive impact in many areas.

Finally, don’t shy away from trusting yourself to know what is right for you. I’ve learned a lot in the past year, but maybe nothing more empowering than learning to trust my own choices and feelings. Continue reading A Heart Of Glass Turns One

There’s Power In Love

That instinct to see the best in a person? What if we extended that kind of care to everyone? That deliriously in love feeling that makes you wanna dance to work? Can we find that through loving our neighbours and coworkers and friends as generously as we love our significant others? I think we can. I believe when we learn what kind of love we are capable of we can try to extended that in all areas of our lives. Continue reading There’s Power In Love

Happy To Be Here

Today I’m writing to you about some things I’ve learned in the past year about being present and lessons I plan to carry with me through this year. We often start New Years with resolutions for being the biggest and best versions of ourselves. We have our eyes on the prize of perfecting ourselves, to take ourselves to a place where we will be happier, … Continue reading Happy To Be Here

Excellence > Perfection

In relational, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental wellness, we’re never going to achieve perfection. And we don’t have to either. When we give ourselves and the people we love the room to be imperfect, relationships flourish. When we stop striving for perfection in our lives we emotionally “give ourselves a break”, and when we realize the only way to have a “perfect” body is to stop eating fun food – it’s clear, for me, to see that chocolate cake is better than abs. Continue reading Excellence > Perfection

A Girl Worth Fighting For 

Some of you will remember the song A Girl Worth Fighting For from the 1998 Disney film Mulan. And if you haven’t seen it or don’t remember it then please put down this blog post and watch it because it is a wonderful movie. I loved it so much when I was a kid that it even inspired me to cut my hair like Mulan does in the movie… it turns out that I didn’t look good with bangs but that’s a whole other story.

A Girl Worth Fighting For is a song about the women that inspire the male characters in the movie to be brave and fight in a war. Today’s post is not about that – it’s actually about friendship, and the strong, incredible women who inspire me in general, who I am proud to call my friends. But I couldn’t resist the Mulan reference. Continue reading A Girl Worth Fighting For